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Chase has been filming videos ever since his Dad handed him a video camera back in the mid 90's. Today, Chase pours his creative energy into filming and editing weddings for Beautiful Love along with other creative video content for various businesses around the Philadelphia area. Chase thrives filming and directing, making everyone feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Chase paves the path as lead cinematographer with constant words of encouragement and many years of film production under his belt. When he's not busy filming or editing, Chase enjoys anything techy, droning, spending time with family, hiking with his dogs and relaxing down the shore in Margate City, NJ with friends. Chase asked Heather to marry him in July 2018 and his only regret was not asking her sooner. 


Founder, Cinematographer + Editor

Although Beautiful Love wasn't founded until 2018, Heather shot her first wedding film back in 2015 and completely fell in love with the wedding industry. Heather's keen sense of organization and attention to detail shines through every aspect of her business as well as every wedding film she finalizes before their sent to each client. Heather is the point of contact for every couple throughout the whole process, beginning to end and everything in between. Heather and Chase just got married in May 2021 at the Rodin Museum and The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia after 11 years together. 


Beautiful Love Productions

In July 2018 Chase planned a surprise engagement to Heather on Broad Street in Center City, Philadelphia. Heather thought they were meeting friends for dinner but little did she know Chase had both of their families and closest friends hiding inside the store on the corner, peaking through the windows until Chase got Heather onto the median to get down on one knee. After Heather processed what we happening and said, "YES" she heard cheering, looked over her shoulder to see all the most important people in their lives ready to celebrate their engagement with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at The Ritz. & of course we have the whole thing on film; watch the video here! It was quite the celebration for Chase, Heather, their family and friends after dating for 8 years! We are so happy we get to do this thing called life together, as a team, creating relationships with the greatest vendors and couples across all throughout the Philadelphia area! 

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